Lunenburg Bump House.

The Bump House is our second new house within the UNESCO Old Town Lunenburg Heritage District. The project brief was for a bright open-plan modern Cape for a retired couple complete with a large kitchen, wood fireplace, a library, an a large productive garden.

The design rotates the classic Lunenburg bump so that the eave opens to the side garden and the bump projects out the gable end facing the street and views of the back harbour. At the centre of the design a large “chimney” brings light to all floors and contains the stairs, fireplace, and concealed solar panels. The design emphasizes openness to gardens to the east and south. It is intended to evoke the original “homestead” ethic of sustainable settlement, re-cast through modern technology and ways of living.

Location: Lunenburg
Completion: 2014

Published: East Coast Living October 2015

Lieutenant Governor’s Citation, 2014

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