Flemming Heights.

This kitchen renovation makes a small space feel large by selection of particular materials and a smart spatial layout. A new rooflight in the centre of the kitchen opens the space up to the sky and brings in abundant daylight. White high gloss cabinets and glass tile for the backsplash allow for a play of shadow, light and reflectance. Floor to ceiling windows connect to the exterior and allow for a spatial separation from other rooms in the house without the use of walls.

Location: Halifax
Completed: 2012

  • Halifax-Kitchen-Renovation-3-Abbott-Brown-Architects-in-Nova-Scotia
  • Halifax-Kitchen-Renovation-4-Abbott-Brown-Architects-in-Nova-Scotia
  • Halifax-Kitchen-Renovation-2-Abbott-Brown-Architects-in-Nova-Scotia
  • Halifax-Kitchen-Renovation-Abbott-Brown-Architects-in-Nova-Scotia